What Are Terpenes and What Do They Do?

Are you a cannabis fanatic? If yes, then you must have been used to the unique aroma of this special herb. It’s heavenly no matter if it’s sweet or skunky. Do you ever wonder where that comes from? Well, it’s the plants’ secretion. Read on to find out more. 

What Are Terpenes? 

Cannabis terpenes are the fragrant oil that every cannabis variety produces, along with cannabinoids, THC, and CBD. It is to be blamed for the addicting citrusy, mint, pine, and other scents that you’ve come to love in every joint you smoke. 

Isn’t it that we’re all after the euphoria that weed or cannabis creates? That’s why terpenes are considered very important elements of this herb. You cannot call it cannabis if there is no distinct smell that comes from it. Every toke means a lot to an expert smoker. 

Originally, these terpenes are for the natural protection of cannabis from predators as well as for attracting pollinators. On the other hand, this type of secretion does not always turn out to be similar to all varieties and strains of cannabis. There are factors that may influence its effects on the human body. 

The lighting, climate, age, maturation, and fertilizers used contribute to the growth and potentials of specific strains. Also, the two major variations of cannabis namely the sativa and the indica are said to have contrasting terpene types. Cannabis smokers may choose on whether they want a relieving and relaxing strain or something that will make them physically alert and awake. Terpenes make all those wonders possible which all weed smokers yearn for. From the smell, you sense from a joint or blunt, you get to travel to another dimension where every goal you have become reality. 

How Do Terpenes Interact with the Human Body? 

How can a single bud leave you in such a heavenly state? That’s a question everybody wants to know. The answer can be explained by understanding how terpenes interact with the human body. This whole process can be in various ways which you can choose from according to your preference. Terpenes can be inhaled, of course, as it is an oil that combines with the other molecules converted into smoke during your cannabis indulgence. Therefore, when you smoke a joint, these terpenes go straight to your brain and into your lungs through which your body and mind become stimulated altogether. Otherwise, some cannabis smokers may choose to have terpenes sublingually wherein they get included into a person’s bloodstream. Terpenes then bring out results of stimulation within only a few minutes. You’ll feel its effects rushing through your body to deliver good news and it usually won’t take long.

The Most Common Types of Terpenes in Cannabis 

Myrcene – cannabis varieties that have high myrcene content are considered the secret to a calming experience when smoking weed. It is the most common of all the terpenes present in any cannabis strain. Some of the weed strains that contain a high amount of myrcene are Alien Cookies, God’s Green Crack, and White Widow. 

Caryophyllene – this terpene is responsible for pain-relieving effects in the body. Because of its ability to reduce inflammation, all the remaining pain your body feels at the moment will be gone along with its soothing strong spicy, peppery smell. Grease Monkey, Peanut Butter Breath and Sour Diesel are just a few strains that contain high caryophyllene content. 

Pinene – if you are somebody who loves the trees and the forest, pinene is the terpene you should be looking for. It should remind you of the aroma that pine trees bring as well as of freshly cut wood. It is usually taken by patients and smokers experiencing anxiety, pain, and inflammation. To try pinene’s effects, you can try smoking Blue Dream, Harlequin, Cannatonic, and Grape Ape.

Limonene – for citrus lovers, this is the key to such a one-of-a-kind cannabis smoking experience. Limonene will bring you the smell of citrus fruits like lemon and oranges. It was believed, too, that this terpene delivers relief for stress and anxiety. You are sure to get this terpene from weed varieties like Lemon Meringue, Pineapple Express and White Fire OG. 

Terpinolene – if the others on this list are key players in your smoking sessions, terpinolene is different for the fact that it does not come in large amounts in any bud strain. It’s always small in amount and often comes with the other terpenes present in a strain. This terpene carries a wide variety of smells such as floral, piney, herbaceous, and sometimes a bit citrusy as well. Terpinolene may not be a major component but it can definitely impact your cannabis indulgence. 

Health Benefits of Terpenes 

With the remarkable recreational effects of cannabis mentioned above, it would be more amazing to know that terpenes also help in making this plant a therapeutic tool as well. Various studies show that terpenes have the ability to bring medical relief and sometimes cure to both our common and serious illnesses. In fact, a big part of the reason why cannabis has been finally legalized in many countries and states is because of its herbal capacities. Scientific investigations were then initiated and have increased as more miracles have been discovered about it. Thanks to terpenes, weed is now a recreational and medicinal plant sold in the market today. Although it’s been said that terpene may vary between and among each type of strain, the fact remains that they all bring certain relief. Depending on the bud strain you will choose, its terpene may give you anti- inflammatory, stress-relief, pain-relief, euphoria, motivation, alertness, anti-depression, and even anti-cancer.


With all the disasters and problems the world is suffering from these days, it is such a great relief to know you got an herb to turn to for help. Cannabis has a lot more potentials that are yet to be revealed so as its terpenes. When the day comes that all of terpene’s miracles are discovered, we may be one step closer to curing many more illnesses around the world. 

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