How To Properly Store Your Weed

Properly storing cannabis is essential to preserving your buds flavour and potency. It requires more than throwing it into a plastic bag and forgetting about it. Whether or not you want to save your buds to smoke a week or a year from now, the right environment will keep it fresh until the time comes.  Here are the most common things that you need to consider.


Mold grows best in high temperatures between 25 to 30 degrees celsius. As a result, it is ideal to keep your cannabis in cool temperatures below this threshold to prevent the likeliness of growing mold. Higher temperatures can also cause your buds to dry out and reduce its potency. Therefore, the best place to store cannabis is in a dark and cool place like a cupboard, drawer or in a closet.


Too much moisture is a recipe for moldy buds. However, letting your buds get too dry is not recommended as it will cause the cannabinoids and terpenes to degrade. To achieve the right humidity levels of 59 to 63RH (relative humidity), it is best to avoid storing cannabis in the fridge where temperatures and humidity levels can fluctuate. Instead, use humidity control solutions like Boveda packs which can add or remove moisture in an enclosed environment to keep your cannabis at the perfect humidity level for long-term storage.


Plastic containers can be acceptable for short term storage but overtime can cause trichomes to come off the buds and degrade its potency. It is also worth mentioning that plastic containers are made of toxic chemicals that can mix into the buds that it is being used to contain. As a result,  the best option is to use a glass jar with an airtight seal. Choose an appropriate size for the amount of cannabis that you want to store. An oversized jar can cause excess air to linger inside which can dry out your buds.

Other Cannabis Products

Edibles, tinctures and other infused products all thrive in cool, dark and sealed containers. Unlike cannabis flower, cannabis infused products can be refrigerated to expand its shelf life. Avoid keeping it in hot places since light and exposure to air will degrade its quality. 

At the end of the day, it is best to use your products within a reasonable time to get the most out of your buds. But if you are planning to save your buds because you are a seldom smoker, storing your buds properly using these methods will ensure that your buds stay fresh for a long time. 

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